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Eastwind's B737-200s

Sun May 30, 1999 4:10 am

Eastwind Airlines currently operates 3 very old B737-200s (2 built in 1971, 1 built in 1968) along with 2 brand new B737-700s. So... here are my questions.

1. When do you think Eastwind will replace their -200s?
2. What do you think they will replace them with (I'm guessing -700s but I personally think a few CRJs would be nice)?
3. How many of the aircraft in question 2 do you think they will buy to replace their -200s?

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RE: Eastwind's B737-200s

Sun May 30, 1999 4:21 am

Eastwind have entered that select group of 737 operators that have suffered an uncommanded rudder movement in flight. A more terrifying emergency for a pilot I cannot imagine, considering the sudden and usually deadly nature of this event. I read the report and after they landed the captain said he could see his knees shaking. Brave chap and obviously blessed with excellent reflexes (full opposite aileron and back pressure on the yoke within about a second). The only other incident I have heard about (other than the UA one at Colorado Springs and USAir at Philly) was a BA 737-200 on a test-flight out over Salisbury Plains (in England). Oh, and MetroJet had one during taxiing out (thank god). Back to Eastwind, I know that the incident hurt the airline financially cos the plane was grounded for months while it was inspected and tested and they had to lease another a/c. A crash for such a small airline would probably send them into bankruptcy even if they DID make a profit on the insurance (as is usually the case in accidents, bizarrely enough).
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RE: Eastwind's B737-200s

Sun May 30, 1999 4:36 am

The answers will surprise you. The Eastwind F/O that I know said that the company was planning to sell both their 737-700s. They want to make a bunch of money off that sale, then buy more 737-200s dirt cheap to replace them and expand. I'm not sure why they even bought the new 737s, unless it was for advertising reasons or they underestimated their oppotunity for expansion. An airline that size can't expand its fleet very fast by buying brand new aircraft. The last time I was in GSO was 8 weeks ago, but he said this was Eastwind's plan as of then. He didn't mention anything about other types of planes joining the fleet, so they look like an all-737 airline for the next few years.

RE: Eastwind's B737-200s

Sun May 30, 1999 8:18 am

I think eastwind would be a perfect aquisition for Frontier.

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RE: Eastwind's B737-200s

Sun May 30, 1999 11:49 am

I keep hearing about passengers stranded at airports, because of their planes breaking down, and not having another one to replace it. How much longer do you think Eastwind will last?

RE: Eastwind's B737-200s

Sun May 30, 1999 12:11 pm

They are expected to turn a profit this quarter.

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RE: Eastwind's B737-200s

Sun May 30, 1999 12:27 pm

I heard they bought the 737-700's so they'd be able to reach Florida non-stop with a full plane from Trenton.


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