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RK Future

Sat May 26, 2001 1:25 am

IN west and Central Africa, I believe that National airways are generally better in terms of punctuality (Air Gabon, Cameroon Airlines, Air Burkina). Although RK is much better in terms of safety.
Flying RK very often I was regularly delayed up to 12 and sometimes 24 hours with no notice. That means that you have to stay in the airport.
Latest news on RK saying that they will have to give back their newest Airbus as the company is fully insolvent.
The fact that the World Bank imposed a US Manager who does not even speak French in an almost fully French speaking Region is incredible.
Latest news are that RK has to alternatives:

1. Disappear
2: To strongly downsize and turn into a regional airlines

What do you think it is better?

RE: RK Future

Sun May 27, 2001 11:25 am

Merci pour ces informations Shanti.

Those of us who are flying long haul with RK will have to still endure the A300s. Pitty.

Future of RK: I just don't know anymore. I'm flying with them more or less regularly since 1997 and seen this airline moving from one crisis to another, seen next to every of my flights delayed or cancelled without any notice, seen corrupted African officials 'chartering' a flight at the last minute leaving all regular passengers stranded, etc. Many of my working collegues in West Africa just wish to see them disappear as everybody is fed up seeing RK wrecking our relief rotas and missing connections in CDG to our flights home because of very heavy delays.

May be they should be just put to sleep but that would be a very sad symbol for Africa. A privatization is surely needed. A merger with Air Gabon may be, that would make this new RK/GN having a fantastic geographical advantadge with hubs at Dakar, Abidjan & Libreville, making possible a fantastic network over the whole West Africa. But would it work? Or would they just 'contaminate' GN?

Surely they need a very serious shake up of their management and a privatization is the only way to acheive it I feel.

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