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Events Within The Past Year

Mon May 28, 2001 7:08 am

Doesn't it seem as if within the past year or so more major events occurred in aviation and the airline industry than during any other time period?

A quick run-down of what has happened during that time period that is not in order of when they occurred:

- First Airbus FBW widebody operated by a U.S. airline enters service

- The long-awaited launch and renaming of the A3XX finally occurs

- NW finally decides on DC-10 replacements which many people on this forum were crying for and/or asking about

- Prototype 739 rolls off assembly line and quite a bit later, first 739 gets delivered to customer

- 764 enters service

- Roll-out and first flight of first stretched and modernized A340 (A346)

- First A321 operated by a U.S.-based airline enters service

- Frontier gets their first Airbus

Hopefully within the next year, as many significant events will occur!