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Double Standard For Biz Jets.

Mon May 31, 1999 9:47 am

Using ther BBJ/737 as an example, airline regs state that you may fly a twin jet over water as long as you are within 60 minutes of a suitable airport for the purposes of diverting in case of emergency. But according to general aviation regs which covers business jet operations you could fly the airplane wherever you wanted with no regard to an alternate.

How many of you would have regard for the tougher regualations that the airline would have to follow, and how many of you would choose the looser regulations and take a more direct route to your destination saving time and fuel.
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RE: Double Standard For Biz Jets.

Mon May 31, 1999 11:34 am

As it happens, I would fly in most jet airliners outside the basic 60-minutes rule because engine failures on well-maintained Western-built and reg'd jets is virtually unheard of, and I suspect that two engines on the same flight have never been lost on a jet, ever. If there was a problem which killed both engines on a twin, it would kill all four on a quad (fuel, volcanic ash). But I agree it is a weird double-standard, I guess the authorities have a low regard for the world's economic, political and showbiz elite and are trying to gradually thin their ranks by enabling mid-Atlantic mishaps on under-equiped bizjets?
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