AW Airlines Expansion And Fleet Change

Tue May 29, 2001 12:16 am

Howdy all

AW Airlines, the new domestic airline in Indonesia, is currently in the process of expansion.

They will be adding DPS to their netwrok from 15 June 2001. It is kinda funny that they didn't operate to DPS from the start, especially seeing as the amount of traffic that JKT-DPS generates for the airlines in Indonesia. Other domestic Indonesian routes will be introduced once introduction of the 734 into the fleet occurs.

I also have word from one of their employees, that services to Australia (Perth definitely) are currently on the drawing board, and if everything goes as planned, these services will start at the end of 2001/early 2002. Other destinations in South-East Asia are also being studied at the moment, but it seems that AW are wanting to tap into the Australia-Indonesia tourist market; which is why I think they are bringing DPS online now.

AW currently operates 1 A310-300, and they keep one as a backup aircraft, however, on 7 June 2001, their first 737-400 will be delivered, in what will be operated in favour of the A310s. The second 734 will be delivered in early July. The A310s will be operated until the first 734 is delivered.

Also, their website is currently under reconstruction, and is expected to come back online in the next couple of weeks, after they have included information on the new flights and aircraft.