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CMF Van Collides With PK-747

Wed May 30, 2001 2:54 am

LAHORE, May 29 (PNS): PIA plane PK-747 departing from Lahore to Jeddah was hit on Monday by the CMF van that takes container cargo to load in the plane causing a large hole on the right side of Boeing.

Engineers are bus in repairing the plane that has already been suggested to be discarded by experts.

Meanwhile, misbehave of crew members and repeated loading and unloading of passengers have caused severe difficulties to them.

Earlier, passengers were asked to go to dining for meal where proper management was absent and even AC system was out of order.

Passengers have requested the higher authorities to take strict notice of misbehave of staff for violation of IATA rule that makes it compulsory to serve meals in the lounge.

It is pertinent to mention here that since last two weeks, it is the second time that this type of incident has happened.

Mr Atif Khokar, duty facility officer of Civil Aviation Authority was also not present to comment.