What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 5:54 am

Sure, this is has probably been a topic before, but new people are here and time has gone by.

So, what do you personally think of United? I couldn't think of a better airline. I have flown with United numerous times and have always had great experiences. I have been in some 30 min-2 hour delays with United, however, the FAs were always very nice to assist you during the problem. The crew would always apologize and give you a joke or something like that. The service in coach on United is not like any other, the FAs are always friendly, and you get full service all the time. For example, on a flight from SFO-HNL on a UAL 742, we got a hot and delicious egg omelet for breakfast with any drink of choice. The meal came with other sides as well. We got free headphones for the movie. I love the free Frappacino (sp?) service, those are good!  Big thumbs up That is just one of the examples of exellent coach class experience on a long flight with UAL. It would take me hours to post all of them. During delays, the FAs still have smiles on their faces as they walk by, they know you're the customer that has paid their airline a great expense for the trip. Well, of course, United is my favorite airline by far. What do you think of them? Share with us your experiences.

Best Rgds,


BTW, I can't wait until June 8th for my next trip with UAL!  Big thumbs up  Big thumbs up
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 6:32 am

United is my second favourite airline, right behind US Airways. I've flown a lot with UA, but up until early this year, never UA Shuttle. I was shocked at how horrible and cheap the whole experience was. I had just gotten off a great flight from ORD to DEN, when I was struck by a 5 hr delay for my flight to SLC and a total lack of care or concern from the gate agents. Then, it was just a total lack of gate agents for about three hours until our plane arrived. Once on the plane, I guess I was in a bad mood, but the FA's seemed very imature and just not up to the standards I have come to expect from United. The return flight reinforced my dismay for UA Shuttle. And the flight back to ORD aboard a 777 only went to reinforce UA's incredible service.

How can you complain about an airline with the most 777s, the most A320s, channel 9, great food, the largest route network(thank you STAR), the best FF program, and the best FA's(not Shuttle)? I've had a lot of flights with UA, and have always enjoyed my trip.

RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 8:56 am

Anyone else?

RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 9:00 am

The flight I took from LAX to Rochester was flawless. I've also flown them to Vegas and Grants Pass, Oregon. All flights were uneventful, but there are many here who have had lots of problems with UA. I don't think it's fair for me to judge them too much because I've only had a few flights with.
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 9:01 am

UA is a classic, they're just inconsistent. I have great experiences with them on long haul flights, but not so great short haul flights.

They're down a little now, but unlike Pan Am, Eastern etc. they will come back. I just wish they had more routes in the Northeast.
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 9:03 am

My personal vote is average.
They are an average us airline. They are about equal to delta and AA. I have flown a few flights in economy and this is the opinion I got. The seats are a little small (especially on their airbus fleet) but that tends to be a problem on most us airlines.
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 10:13 am

It has been written before in discussions that an airline is not just one f/a or one flight-but a series of things. I have had mostly good experiences on UA. Onlt bad ones were surrly f/a's ,but that is a tough job and nobody is super-happy all the time. I also read that someone didn't like UA Shuttle-I flew LAS-TUS last June via LAX,and found it to be neat! I like the zone-type boarding . True there is only beverage service,but most are short flights. And the prices are reasonable,too. I hope UA can leave last summer's nightmares behind so they can truely say 'United Rising'. I too a excited about upcoming UA flights to FLL in June and LAS in September. I purposely booked a 727 ORD-LAS so I could fly on the old girl before they're all gone  Sad
p.s. UA is reintroducing 727 service to ROC next timetable.Currently only DL flies pass 27's here.

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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 10:40 am

I like United.

I non-rev and still have a good experince. I love their international service in C class.

I grew up flying United. I was flying them when their DC-10s were dominant. I have so many memories of flying United. My father works for United in engeneering so my main airline in UA.

I flew IND-ORD-LHR/CDG-IAD-ORD and loved all of the flights! I even liked the B727-200 flight on seat 17A fllying on a orange afternoon sky with sunlight filling the cabin, a moment not to forget.

I can still hear the buzz of the PW4000 on the B777-222ER CDG-IAD. Wow what a flight.

United is the only airline with Channel nine. That is one big advantage UA has and what makes it unique.

"Enjoy the Friendly Skies"-U N I T E D
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 10:44 am

United would have to be my 2nd favorite airline behind NWA. They are not as on time as I would like them to be (when I flew with them they were always running late) but other than that they are not too bad of an airline. There are airlines far worse.
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 10:44 am

Time for me to vent...

I think it's a good airline that's very, very, very, very, very POORLY RUN by idiots at the top that do not have a clue as how and at what rate they're slaughtering our once proud company. It seems as if neither marketing nor operations knows anything either.

I can't wait to see the day that Goodwin, Dutta, et al are fired. I'm sick of apologizing and making excuses for our service inconsistency everytime I work a flight. All that's bad now is a reflection of the competence (or lack thereof) of the folks at the top. It trickles down. And lately it's been a downpour. I like my job, but I don't like it when so-called "leaders" make it hard for me to do so because they piss off so many customers.

I'm/we're mad as hell at UA.

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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 10:47 am


OMG I agree with you soooooo much!
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 10:54 am

United is a very good airline, with a strong route network and dedicated employees. The airline is
and has always been managed by amateurs and
greedy executives who know nothing about the
business they are in and this has always been
the core of United's problems. As a result, labor
management relations have never been cozy and
this has tarnished United's reputation and image

United, in my mind, is a reliable airline and a savy
player in a crowded field. I only wish it could fix
some of its core problems. If it did, it would be
even better.

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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 11:08 am

I have only flown UAL once in my life. I flew on one of their new A319's from IAH-LAX and back. Great flight. The A319 is nice, almost as nice as CO's 737NG's. Food was good too. We got a warm meal served with real silverware. We were travelling really close to Christmas, but this was good meal service, something I'm not accustomed to except on Air France. Only complaint about the whole trip I had was the delay. Our flight's depaurture was delayed about 30min because of congestion at LAX.
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 11:17 am

If things don't change soon the relationship with Godwin and UAL could turn into a Ichan/TWA or worse Lornezo and EAL Plaskett/Shugrue to PAN AM Parisites to the industry. But for PA Every CEO after Trippe were in it for the money and they slowly killed the airline. The rest was shot to hell.
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 11:19 am

I am flying AUS-DEN-COS in June and hopefully it will be a good one.
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 11:41 am

I find it very interesting that of all the airlines in the world United is the one which seems to have the most discussion on this forum about wether people like it or not. It says something to me - people don't know what to think of it! It is an airline which is not clear in people's minds.

In reading the other posts I am glad that people have had such good experiences with UA. If it were 7-8 years ago I might agree. But at this point I do not. United USE TO BE A GERAT AIRLINE. They were concerned with the passenger. Now, the morale is so bad among the employees it is being taken out on poor customer service. Perhaps it is upper management setting a bad tne, but the on spot employee is also offering bad customer service. No, not all by any means. There are many WONDERFUL emlpoyees, but there are too many who lack customer skills. And the product has been downgraded terribly. Compared to European or Asian airlines UA has a very poor service and product.

People say "What is your experience" on UA to make such statements. I have been a 100,000 mile per year UA flyer for several years (You say if you do not like them, why do you fly them? I have to. Company decision). I do most of my travel international in C or F class and wonder if this is how they treat their gihest paying customers and most frequent flyers, how do they treat the infrequent flyer in economy. I cannot remember the last long distance international flight on which I did not have a problem. It has been so consistent. whether it is delays, rude personal, dirty planes, or very poor product. There are too many horror stories to relay here. But an example:

Yesterday I was scheduled to fly UA in C on UA#1 from LHR-IAD. Departure was at 12:50 PM. I had called UA in London and was told the flight was on time. I arrived at the airport at 10:00 AM. When I went to check in they gave me a sheet telling me the flight was delayed a minimum of 11 hours and they would give us a day room at a hotel. I did not want a hotel, I wanted to get home for a meeting. THey told me to get on this long line to get my voucher. I said I wanted to be moved to another airline. They did not want to even consider it. I persisted. Finally they looked on their computer and said BA was full. Great I said try: Virgin to anywhere on the east coast, USAirways, and I gave them a long list. Finally they agreed to try Virgin. They went over and booked a seat for me in economy. No way since I was C class and there were seats. A "discussion" pursued. Finally they put me in Virgin business ( Boy, did I see what servoce, food, cabin, etc could be. THey were great. Maybe that was why UA did not want me to fly it). I was told that I would not get mileage for the bump since the flight was still scheduled to go ( at least 11 hours later). Keep your miles. On Virgin I saw what service could be like. UA has a lot to learn.

I have been snapped at by FA's for cutting through the gallery outside of meals times, told by a FA when I said I did not want a video since I had seen them all "if you can afford F class you can afford to buy your own DVD machine, etc. And forget Customer Service. It is a dead letter mail box. IF you hear from them it is a form letter. Not personal response.

I could go on and on and on and on. Yes there have been some wonderful people, but I expect mediocore service at best. If I get anything better I am greatly surprised.

Sorry UA, you have lost it. WHen you treat your highest FF so badly, how do you treat the others???

RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 11:44 am

United is good. They are my 3rd favorite Airline. Certinly better in service than AA!!!

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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Wed May 30, 2001 12:19 pm

They're at the bottom of my list. I avoid them
when I can. I have flown in all of their classes:
F, C and Y. There is nothing good to write home
about. I'd rather be in SQ business class over
UA F class any time.
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Very Varied, No?

Wed May 30, 2001 1:44 pm

Well, opinions here seem to be at both ends of the scale, with few in the middle. I have made only two round trips on United, from Dallas to Washington DC both times. All I can say is that all four flights were better than American. That's all I know. I have flown AA many many many times, and United is just a cut above IN MY EXPERIENCE.

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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Thu May 31, 2001 9:28 am

Also, folks gotta keep in mind that a lot of users make up fictional stories about their "bad experiences" "all the time" on UAL.

Sorry, but if people are as "frequent" fliers as they claim, they'd probably run into both very good employees, and very bad ones, with all types in between. I refuse to believe that airlines as large as UA, AA, DL, or even LH will ALWAYS be consistently "bad" on every route, every plane, every meal service on someone's "frequent" flights. I don't think it's statistically possible.

Trust me guys & gals, we have a lot of liars here who cannot help but exaggerate (if not totally lie) about there so-call experiences with certain airlines, especially UA. Most of these people are teens or twentysomethings who think that the only way to contribute to is to jump on the bandwagon of bashing different airlines. It's something akin to what parrots do when they hear human beings utter certain words frequently; -they just mimic things because it sounds good.

My final point?

...If someone "ALWAYS" run into bad or rude employees, then chances are they're probably some kind of nasty a**hole that disrespects hard-working airline employees every freakin' chance they get. OF COURSE AIRLINE PERSONNEL ARE GONNA BE RUDE TO THEM. Right?

Folks, don't believe every thing you hear on this site.
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TO: TonyBurr

Thu May 31, 2001 11:46 am

What an awful story! I'm quite sure you have plenty of other nightmares to match that recent experience at LHR.

I appreciate that you mentioned you've also had some good experiences with United employees. I hope you will continue to deal with the good ones whenever your company requires you to travel with us.

I'd just like to say: in my experience the most understanding and decent customers on my flights tend to be the "1K" flyers like you. They know what to expect from us (yes -- often mediocre service, unfortunately) and realize that patience and understanding when dealing with the annoyances go a long way. I realize, however, that even our 1K flyers don't have an unlimited well of patience... and for most of them, the bottom is being tested daily.

I'm really no sure what it's going to take to turn around this company, but I certainly hope we can do it before we lose your and EVERYone else's business for good.
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Thu May 31, 2001 1:01 pm

Don't worry Flyua. If your management keeps doing what it's doing, and if your fellow employee groups all keep demanding huge pay raises (while at the same time delivering bad service), you probably won't have to worry about your job in the next 8-10 years.

UA will surely die a Eastern/Pan Am-like death. The one difference is that your company's apparent terminal illness seems a little more acute than either of those two carrier's. Eastern and Pan Am died gradually. UA seems to be deteriorating rapidly. This is very sad.

Lemme ask you: Are any of you guys at UA even *remotely* considering getting new leadership?
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Thu May 31, 2001 1:22 pm

UAL in general is a good airline, but it has been run in a Lorenzo-esque manner that will leave the line in ruin if some changes are made.
They have been getting a raw deal from just about everyone, and while in the meantime it seems well deserved.
I see a change in UA's future. They have hard working people, and while their morale has been QUITE low (remember the guy that died on the UA flight from asia and no one noticed?) They are huge and I'm not surprised that some of their employees have been lost in the mix of being a small part of a major international operation.
Keep your heads up, UA employees!
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Thu May 31, 2001 6:21 pm

I only flew United the one time and sadly they were very ordinay on that one occaision. Thus my impression is one of "We have to wait for the incoming flight before we can amend the departure time sir". This was five minutes before scheduled departure. There was no time to clean the aircraft but that's not so bad, and I did make my conection in SFO, and unlike American, my luggage actually went to the same city that I did! So They are not so bad.
Would I fly them again? Sure if they were the only airline flying to where I was going, I' have no choice.
I remember when the DC-3 was new!
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RE: What Do You Think Of United Airlines?

Sat Jun 02, 2001 11:45 am

UA use to be a GREAT airline. Anyone who flies a lot (over 100,000 miles a year on UA) has to expect problems. To expect otherwise is not realistic. The difference with UA is in the PAST they use to do all they could to fix it and make it up to the pax. Now their attitude is "we have your money what are you going to do. U are stuck with what we want to do with you". Yes management can be blamed, but the employee/owner has a responsibility to do their best. They mau have low morale but a professional rises above it.

The only thing wores then UA not trying to "make it up" to the pax is when they promise to and do not deliever. That really annoys me. Once they move you on, all their promises are for naught.

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