747 Trailing Edge Flaps

Tue Jun 01, 1999 7:53 am

Hi guys - I may have posted a similar message in the past, and if so, I am sorry. The thing is, I am looking for information, in particular diagrams or good close ups of the mechanism which drives the trailing edge flaps of the 747 (all models except SP, which has a much simpler version) This may sound weird but it's for a monster of a model I'm building, which will hopefully have all the working flaps and surfaces. Trouble is, I can't for the life of me figure out how those triple slotted fowler flaps work. I believe the 707 and 727 also had triple slotted flaps, so if you know of any similar information on these, this would also be much appreciated.
Please contact me if you can help at all - I would be
very grateful,


Tim Faithfull

RE: 747 Trailing Edge Flaps

Tue Jun 01, 1999 8:14 am

That is so cool! I'm sorry I dopn't even know what a trailing edge flap is, but how big is your model going to be? That is so exciting. And it works too? I would love to do that but I am not crafty with that kind of stuff at all. I am saving up for a $9000 PAcMin 10' long. Yah right.

Jack M