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Lax - Lhr (virgin) Lhr - Thr (iran Air)

Thu May 31, 2001 12:36 pm

Hello Pax,
Here is my trip:
June 4th leave lax on virgin at 1730 to lhr then 5 hour layover then onto tehran iran on iran air 747 (sp most likely). i come back aug 5th.

Any suggestions on seating, aircraft info, meal info, airports, etc would be appreciated. Any picture requests?

thanks a million,
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RE: Lax - Lhr (virgin) Lhr - Thr (iran Air)

Thu May 31, 2001 6:27 pm

LAX-LHR on VS will be a 744 and the LHR-THR on IR will be either a 747sp/741 or a 742 depending on the day/pay loads. Seating i guess on both a/c will be 3-4-3. I have been to LAX but I only connected there for another flight so I couldnt tell you much about it. LHR, go to the Queens Building if you get time just for a look at the airport. I have flown VS ont IR. VS where excellent in my views

Enjoy your flights/holiday

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