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Zhuhai Airport To Close!

Sat Jun 02, 2001 10:36 pm

I've just heard this from a friend, that says they heard that the airport in Zhuhai will be closed down due to it being a complete flop. This is the airport that is used for the the China Airshow every two years.

This airport has a nice new terminal but almost no flights using it. Even the lights, lifts and other things are not even switched on to save the electric !!

What have you heard ??

RE: Zhuhai Airport To Close!

Sat Jun 02, 2001 11:39 pm

Haven't heard about the news, but I'm not surprised. In the Zhujiang Delta, only Zhuhai, Macau and Hong Kong have the CAT IIIb approach requirements. Macau has a moderate number of flights while Hong Kong's never kept idle. But for Zhuhai it's pretty sad. This modern airport, with so many facilities, has less than 10 flights per day.

After all, Guangzhou is too close. People prefer getting off the plane at Guangzhou and get on a bus.

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