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B777 Vs A330/340

Sat Nov 28, 1998 7:48 am

These aircraft also go head to head for market share. What does everybody think about the aircraft?
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RE: B777 Vs A330/340

Sat Nov 28, 1998 7:57 am

I think the Airbuses are better. They are more varied types, have 4 engines (A340) compared with 2 (B777), have more range, and more room for future variants.
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RE: B777 Vs A330/340

Sat Nov 28, 1998 8:06 am

My feeling about these aircraft are much the same as the 757-A321 competition. I'd have to say that I like the 777 a bit better than the A330/340. Mainly because of the winglets and also I rather traditional control colunms instead of the joystick control that the A340/330 uses. I don't know why I don't like the Joystick control, I just would feel more comfortable flying a 777. Although, I still like the A30/340 too.

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RE: B777 Vs A330/340

Sun Nov 29, 1998 3:25 am

Just look at the title of your post--you're comparing the single 777 to two other different types of aircraft. The 777 has a much more versatile range of flight. It's able to do both short range regional flights or long international flights, and it also holds the world record for airliner range (Seattle-Kuala Lumpur nonstop).