Question On Kai Tak

Thu Jun 03, 1999 12:26 am

I've just landed on runway 31 in Kai Tak (FS of course), it's much easier that a runway 13 landing. Why didn't they use runway 31 for landings?

RE: Question On Kai Tak

Thu Jun 03, 1999 12:37 am

If there is a wind, then planes have to land so that the wind is a headwind, not a tailwind. At Kai Tak, it so happens that the wind usually comes in from such a direction that it would be a tailwind it hey landed on rwy 31. Therefore they had to land on rwy 13 most of the time.
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RE: Question On Kai Tak

Thu Jun 03, 1999 12:53 am

First of all, I'm not a pilot but I've seen landings done on 31 many years ago. I can't remember any take-offs - perhaps take-offs had to be on 13 due to noise regulations, I just can't remember. But, given the amount of traffic and how closely spaced the aircraft were, I'd imagine it would normally have been impossible to have take-offs and landings in opposite directions - there just wouldn't have been enough time or room.
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RE: Question On Kai Tak

Thu Jun 03, 1999 5:41 am

As said, landings were according to the wind conditions. Prevailing winds however meant that 13 was used more often than not. On my first visit there the landing was on 13 but the take off was on 31, right over the city - also tremendously spectacular. Pity that it is now a part of history.

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