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Sat Nov 28, 1998 7:49 am

This aircraft does not compete with any other aircraft for market share. What does everybody think about it?
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RE: B747

Sat Nov 28, 1998 8:00 am

I like it, but I think its basic design is too old. Also, I think that the A340-500/600 (and possibly A3XX) will be some very tough competition for it.
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RE: B747

Sat Nov 28, 1998 8:11 am

I love the 747. It has proven itself so many times. It's definately my favourite Boeing plane. And it's my fifth favourite Jet airliner of all.


RE: B747

Sat Nov 28, 1998 10:38 am

The one thing that stands out about the 747 is the fact that it can and has flown on 2 engines for hundreds of miles! Can you think of any A340's that flew a couple of hundred miles after having 2 engines sheared of the wing? Well............didn't think so!

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