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Good Ol' JFK

Mon Jun 04, 2001 6:50 am

I love JFK. It is the world's greatest airport! (opinion) I've flown in and out of there a few times on Sun Country MSP-JFK. I say we should just talk about JFK more. I see lots of YYZ, more JFK! JFK is truely an amazing airport, with the concordes, 747's and tons of other big jets. Lets talk about JFK more!
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RE: Good Ol' JFK

Mon Jun 04, 2001 6:52 am

IK always get screwed over at JFK. It takes like 30min to get from 7 (ual) to 1 (lh).
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RE: Good Ol' JFK

Mon Jun 04, 2001 6:57 am

I does take a while and it is troublesome to get from terminal to terminal.. but when travelling with one airline.. i think it is superb.. When I am in MIami.. I say "please why can't split this place up like JFK".. Good Ol' JFK
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RE: Good Ol' JFK

Mon Jun 04, 2001 10:43 am

Let's not forget that since JFK has such a bad rep, people avoid it like the plague. Hence, it is the least crowded, of all NY area airports. You've a much better chance of leaving ontime than either LGA or EWR.

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