Aircanada Questions

Thu Jun 03, 1999 12:27 pm

Hi. I have 4 questions...........

Why is Air Canada replaceing their 747-400s??

And Also Were the Aircanada A319s ever seen in the OLD colors?

Are there any OLD color planes left?

And finaly Where can I find OLD color planes of B767s and A320s/A319s for fs98?
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RE: Aircanada Answers

Thu Jun 03, 1999 12:37 pm

Hey B767. To answer your first question, I think AC is getting rid of their 747-400's because they only operate three of and they are moving towards a more standardized, common fleet. Also, the -400s are combi versions with only 260 seats so the A330 will be more efficient and offer similar capacity. Question 2: no, the A319's were never seen in the old AC colours. Deliveries of those began in 1996 and the new colours were introduced in 1992. And, no, I dont believe there are any old colour planes left. As for your last question, I can't help you there. Hope I've helped you out.

RE: Aircanada Answers

Thu Jun 03, 1999 1:23 pm

Too bad the -400's are going (I heard it from you, so if you're wrong, I don't know about it.) They look superb with Air Canada's livery

RE: Aircanada Questions

Fri Jun 04, 1999 2:25 am

everything bush said was accurate.

i believe though AC is still looking for a buyer on the '400 combis... they no longer serve value to the needs of air canada.
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RE: Aircanada Questions

Fri Jun 04, 1999 6:36 am

I have no Idea why they are replacing the 747's i guess they want type commonality for crew training. No AC319's were not ever seen in the old colours, and has alot of old colour AC's
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RE: The Answers

Fri Jun 04, 1999 10:15 am

Ok, here we go

1. Air Canada is NOT replacing their 747-400s. That is a future option but no decision
has been made as of yet. They are making money off them strictly for the cargo they
carry, the passengers are just along for the ride. I verified this with Air Canada's high time
747-400 Captain.

2. The 319 deliveries started in 96', after the livery change.

3. No. All of the planes currently operated by Air Canada are in the new livery. The
only plane left in the old livery is a Viscount in the Western Canada Aviation Museum.

4. FS98 versions can be found at My site:
Canadian Flight Sim Unlimited

Hope this clears that up.

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RE: Thanks C-GAGN

Fri Jun 04, 1999 12:53 pm

Thanks for clearing that up, C-GAGN. The fact that they are combis and have such a high cargo capacity would make replacing them with an A340 totally unrealistic. I never thought about that...i always thought it was the cargo that was along for the ride.

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