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ATC Audio On Cabin Headsets

Tue Jun 05, 2001 10:49 pm

Does any airline besides UA offer ATC communications via passenger audio headsets? Thanks.
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RE: ATC Audio On Cabin Headsets

Wed Jun 06, 2001 12:27 am

Never known an airline to do that, good idea though!

I took my scanner and a pair of head phones on board a flight once. Could pick up almost any frequency in australia because we were so high and in line of site of everything (being a VHF reciever)
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Wed Jun 06, 2001 2:35 am

I thought HP had some kind of audio made by the same company that provides UA with ATC. But, TAA_Airbus..There was a huge discussion on this in the Tech/Ops forum like 2 weeks ago. Don't lie. You didn't pick up jack with your receiver/scanner. It doesn't work in an airplane. An airplane is a big metal tube with a lot of wires. It would be impossible to hear anything. There would be interference and static. I have tried myself even though it is not safe because of intererence and in most cases not allowed on airlines.

RE: TAA_Airbus

Wed Jun 06, 2001 5:24 am

Yes, you can't hear anything no matter what plane, that is a big lie, TAA_Airbus.

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