ATC Of AA 1420

Fri Jun 04, 1999 1:23 am

To find out what happend [things like if the pilots knew and that kinda stuff] Cant the investigators listen to tapes of the converstion between the pilot and the ATC?
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RE: ATC Of AA 1420

Fri Jun 04, 1999 2:43 am

That's what the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) is for. It records, on a loop tape, every sound in the cockpit (including, of course, the pilots' voices), and has already been recovered by the NTSB. The ill-fated AA MD-80's CVR, in fact, is currently being analyzed by the NTSB in Washington - it was recovered yesterday. Additionally, there's a room in every ATC facility that stores huge tape recordings of radio transmissions, and the NTSB, I'm sure, will be using the recordings of both Little Rock Approach and Little Rock Tower to hear ATC exchanges between AA1420 and ATC. Hope this helps.

RE: ATC Of AA 1420

Fri Jun 04, 1999 7:20 am

ATC do record the radios also. When you request to taxi and forget to tell them what ATIS info you have they will say. Cleared to taxi to **** do you have infomation papa. They expect an answer like yes we have it and cleared to taxo to ****. They put the papa in for the tapes to hear so they tower knows we have that info. But we will make that mistake for that reason sometimes when we know the weather will be no factor! Dave