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Nov Rev Stories

Fri Jun 08, 2001 12:03 pm

how many of you have amazing non rev stories? i mean like is there a flight that you were sure you wouldnt get on and u actually made it? please post stories im sure theres alot of these stories. ive had an oversold flight oversold by 42 and i made it on, on the last flight of the day out of LAS to EWR, i was so shocked!
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RE: Nov Rev Stories

Fri Jun 08, 2001 12:16 pm

Well, back in April I chopped up a trip from FLL-SPI... FLL-ORD-FLL was Revenue and ORD-SPI-ORD was nonrev... well, on the way back, I planned on a 6 hour layover at ORD so I would be able to drop by and see all my friends... till God said HA!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy Suppose to leave at 150P, that flight got axed due to 45 MPH wind gusts in SPI and ORD, so I tried to get on the 230P flt which was a BE1900D, and oversold... that got pushed to 310P, then 330P, then 400P then 500P, boarded at 430P, sat out at the end of 22 at SPI for 25 mins, enjoyed EVERY second of our flight as it felt like someone was dropping anvils on us. Then we did the DuPage circle about 8 times, and then time for approach  Smile/happy/getting dizzy the pilots were nice (or evil if you were one of the 18 other passengers) enough to leave the cockpit door open... well, lets say the winds were from the south-southwest at about 25 with gusts to 40 and we came in on 27L... we weren't align with that runway till we were over the threshold... the lady sitting across from me had her rosary beads out, the guy in front of me had his head in his lap and hands on his ankles, and the poor soul in 9B looked like he just saw God  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
Got stuck in MIA once, had to fly MIA-ATL-CID-ORD to get home, even though all the flights were "miraculously" wide open the day before.
Last "flying" date I took ended up in Washington DC (we flew the 777 out to IAD and stayed at the Hyatt Dulles.. quite nice!). Well, sunday morning approached and the 2 morning flights were wide open on sat night so we went out to party, only to have a friend call us sunday am at 8 to tell us that there were major delays in NYC and airliens were sending people to BWI and IAD for connections.. so the flight went from over 80 seats open to being 50 oversold.. so we went to the airport and luckily my SINE worked on apollo and we couldn't find a damn city pair, so we finally saw a window of opportunity by flying to LGA as UA was putting in some extra segment flights so they could get planes to ORD. So we hopped on a J41 to LGA, only to be turned around within minutes of landing there... the ACA agent told us that AMR axed the rest of their flights and to head back to IAD.. so we did. At about 4pm or so, we finally decided to hit IND on the ACA CRJ, it's about as close to ORD as we could get. Luckily we were able to fly IND-ORD on the 767-300ER and got business class... after standing by for 2 other flights.
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RE: Nov Rev Stories

Fri Jun 08, 2001 12:38 pm

Mid 80s had a freebie on USAir. We were going to BOS from LAX. We hadn't flown on US before and they require a coat and tie. We didn't, and missed the flight. My friend went into ops and 'borrowed' a few agent's jackets from an unmentionable airline (the one we worked for). We caught the next flight LAX-SFO (on our airline) to catch the next US SFO-PIT flight.

We got to SFO and checked-in. The flight looked very full and we checked at the gate several times but the agents weren't in good moods. We saw the a/c getting ready to push-back and went back to the podium. Apparently they had processed our NRSA tickets but forgot to call us. For some reason the grumpy gate agents were now very apologetic, and it was their last flight of the day to PIT.

By the time they realized that there were empty seats the a/c had already pushed-back and they were disconnecting the tow bar. They radioed the ramper and stopped the pushback. The agent said LET'S GO and we did. Much to our amazment they dropped the 727's aft stairs and we boarded through the rear (after running to the a/c)!!!

That day USAir was BAD, got WORSE, and then redeemed themselves! Ahhh I miss the old days. I have other adventures to relate!
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RE: Nov Rev Stories

Fri Jun 08, 2001 12:51 pm

Freshman year of college - decided to non-rev from ATL to BDL to visit some friends in the area. No problems getting up there on Delta. On the way back, DL was maxed out all day. CO Express had flights going to EWR though - so I grabbed one of those and spent the evening at EWR trying to get on a flight to ATL. No luck. Fortunately there was a delayed HP flight EWR-CMH leaving at about 2am so I grabbed that and arrived in CMH around 330am. Caught the first CO Express flight CMH-CLE at around 530am and then the 9am Delta flight CLE-ATL!

Sophomore year - was visiting relatives in Chicago for Xmas, when the urge struck me to go visit friends in Madison, WI for lunch on Dec 23. Got on the 8am UA Express BAe146 out of ORD without a problem. Unfortunately, on finals to MSN we had to go-around because of sleet. Sleet turned to snow and we diverted to DSM for fuel after about an hour. Back in the air, but no luck for MSN as the airport is now closed. Divert to MKE and UA arranges buses over to MSN. Arrive in MSN around 3pm and find out that the 5pm flight back to ORD is cancelled. I spend the night at a friend's place in Tomah, WI (about an hour north of MSN) and then check flights for the next morning out of MSN. No luck, since ORD is down due to weather. So we drive over to LSE (La Crosse, WI) and I try to get on an American Eagle flight to ORD. Unfortunately, it cancels due to weather. I finally grab a Mesaba flight up to MSP and spend the afternoon there until ORD opens up, and then grab NW from MSP to ORD, arriving at 8pm on December 24.

1998 - Flying CO from FCO-EWR connecting to ATL. Travelling with my mom on a pair of interline ID00 (my dad had some good contacts to swing those!). First flight of the day goes out with zero seats left. Get rolled over to the later flight. Sit patiently at the gate waiting for the list to clear. Finally we get called - they have 3 seats going - 2 middle seats together in the last row of coach on the DC-10 and 1 in BizFirst. Do we want to split up? I say YES, but mom wants to sit together. So we endure 11 hrs in a non-reclining middle seat while some other lucky sod with lower priority enjoys the BF service. To add insult to injury, the last EWR-ATL flight goes out full and we have to overnight in NJ. We did get First Class on the flight down the next morning though, so that was something.
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RE: Nov Rev Stories

Fri Jun 08, 2001 6:11 pm

Never got bumped but came mighty close several times;

1. Last seat, right by the 2L door, on a full United DC-10 out of ANC for SEA. Only reason I got the seat was because a passenger who had checked in at the desk in the terminal did not show at the gate - I went down to the plane with the loadsheet!

2. Last seat on the last flight of the day out of SDQ to MIA on an American A300 which was "wide open", right up until the preceeding flight was cancelled. An boy, did I NOT want to stay overnight in SDQ. Was getting on that one a relief!

3. Failed to make it onto a "wide open" Delta TriStar in MIA going to ATL, but my bag was already checked and the MIA-ATL flight was my last chance to make a connection onto a BA flight from ATL to LGW. I asked about my bag, and the agent said it would be in ATL when I finally got there. When I explained that I didn't want to go to ATL if I didn't get on this flight because I would try for the oversold BA direct MIA-LHR, she took pity on me. Even though the computer said every seat on the TriStar was occupied, she took me down to the door with the loadsheet and looked around. For some reason 1A in first was vacant. She said just sit there, I said thank you very much, and then the flight attendant came up and said that I looked as if I could do with a drink - man was that gin and tonic nice!

4. Was standing by for a Virgin flight from LAX to LHR. They closed the checkin with just two empty seats remaining, both in upper class. Just as they started to process our bags, two upper class pax came through the terminal door. Virgin refused the upper class pax travel because they'd arrived too late, told them to come back tomorrow, and checked us in - we got the last two seats which were, of course, upper class. Nice one Virgin, but amazing!

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RE: Nov Rev Stories

Sat Jun 09, 2001 5:26 am

Most of my non-rev stories come from working for ASA and getting to non-rev on Delta, except for my first story.

AirTran: BOS-ATL. I was booked on the last flight of the night back to ATL. When I checked in, the agent said the flight was delayed, and if I wanted to, I could fly on the plane that was getting ready to leave. I declined so I could have a little more time planespotting. When the plane arrived (about an hour late), there was 11 pax for the flight. We all got to sit up in Business Class on a 717 (My preferred a/c of choice back then).

Delta: BOS-ATL. I had just gotten my flight pass, so I decided to fly up to Boston for the day. No problem getting up there, sat in Business Class, all was good. Until I tried to fly home that night. Several BOS-ATL flights had been cancelled that day, including the last flight of the night. Those passengers were reprotected on the flight I was supposed to be own, so I got bumped, and ended up staying at the airport all night, because there were no hotels available that night. I barely got on the first flight the next morning, ended up in coach on a 757, very cramped indeed.

Delta: JFK-ATL. I got the very last seat on this flight. When I called earlier in the day to check the status of the flight, the flight was very open (20 open seats in Business Class), by the time I got to the airport, that had all changed by a group of Delta F/As returning to ATL. I got the very last seat on the plane (it was in Business Class  Smile like I had listed myself for) and as soon as I sat down, I asked for a scotch and drank it before we even left the gate.

Delta: MCO-ATL. I tried to get back to ATL and got bumped off of three flights. I started to check my options on either Delta Express and Comair, but my options out of most of the cities I looked at back to ATL looked a little tight. I ended up taking a flight to TLH on a Comair Brasilia to catch a Delta flight back to ATL. The agent in TLH told me that he gets a lot of non-revs trying to get back to ATL from MCO his way.

Delta: DCA-ATL. The flight I was listed on was delayed due to weather, and the gate agent for a flight that was getting ready to depart paged me to see if maybe I wanted to get on that flight. I declined. of course (more planespotting time!) but was surprised that they paged me over the airport p.a. system, as I was not in the gate area at that moment.

My only other Delta non-rev story was on a flight from PDX to ATL. It has nothing to do with barely getting on a flight, but more with something the flight attendants did. I had ordered the steak with my meal, but unfortunately they did not have enough for the entire Business Class. Instead of giving me the choice of fish or chicken, they offered to get me a steak out of coach (I didn't care where the meal came from, I was getting pampered for free, so I didn't mind a bit). I was surprised that they went to that much trouble to make sure I was satisified. And on top of that, they were a little more attentive to me than some of the other pax for the rest of the flight.

RE: Nov Rev Stories

Sat Jun 09, 2001 8:36 am

Spent Spring Break in South Beach with my friend for about 4 days and then i hopped on the AA 727 to St Croix USVI to see my family who was down there visiting my aunt on my sister's spring break. That went w/o a hitch, but coming back, all 4 of us managed to sqeeze into the last remaining seats on the 6:XX am Eagle ATR-72 to SJU. Had to see my family off to BOS on their 757, but my A300 to MIA was oversold by half a billion, cuz the first one got CXLD. The roll-over effect took place for the rest of the day so I axed that thought and made my way over to the gate for the FLL 757. Couldn't get F Class, but getting back to the US was more important seeing as classes started again the next morning, so I got nice and cozy in seat 20-something. Landed in FLL and had to ride-share to MIA to pick up my car. Then I drove 4.5 hours back to Daytona Beach, and got home around 10:00pm. A rough, but unforgettable time.

RE: Nov Rev Stories

Sat Jun 09, 2001 12:36 pm

Whats NON-REV????  Smile

The tickets may be free, but i flew through LHR yesterday and paid over $75 IN TAX/Airport Charges.

I was so glad that they didnt upgrade me beyond Business, I couldnt afford it!
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RE: Nov Rev Stories

Sat Jun 09, 2001 1:06 pm

Ambasaid - I agree with you completely. My ID00s on AI for JFK-LHR-BOM-LHR-JFK now run over $200 in taxes alone. Highway robbery.
"The A340-300 may boast a long range, but the A340 is underpowered" -- Robert Milton, CEO - Air Canada

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