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Rate The New Terminals Being Built

Sat Jun 09, 2001 2:45 am

Of the current terminal projects which one do you think will be the envy of them all.What comes to mind is the new Northwest DTW terminal,AA's MIA and JFK terminal,Delta's JFK terminal.I am sure there are other new terminals in the works and that some of the ones I mention above people can not give a good opinion on due to the fact that we have not seen to much of them as far as photos e.t.c. From what I have seen AA's MIA terminal gets my nod followed by a close 2nd for NW's DTW terminal

One of the reasons why I like the new MIA terminal is that the current one is so bad it does not take much for there to be a notable improvement.If you have photos of new terminal pics or ones on the drawing board post them.

The new Northwest terminal at DTW

Terminal D at DFW