Canada 3000

Sat Jun 05, 1999 6:20 am

Who likes the canada 3000 boeing 757-200?I think it's a waste of time flying in one.I never been on the canada 3000 one before but I have been on the air transat one for three hours.I will hate to sit in a single ailse aircraft for a long time.I think canada 3000 should change their fleet to only a330-200 and 300.I am going to fly on the a-330 with canada 3000.
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RE: Canada 3000

Sat Jun 05, 1999 6:35 am

I never flown in CMM or TSC but they both have made flights from Toronto here to Faro with 757's. Across the Atlantic sure is more than a 3 hour flight.

Luis, Faro, Portugal