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KE And OZ Inflight Entertainment (IFE)?

Sun Jun 10, 2001 12:55 pm

I was browsing some airfares with my local chinese travel agency and was offered some very attractive fares in business class on these airlines to HKG.

How is their inflight entertainment and service?
can some provide some details?? possible scanned images of the menu would be great.
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RE: KE And OZ Inflight Entertainment (IFE)?

Sun Jun 10, 2001 1:07 pm

You may or may not end up with PTV in economy. It depends on which a/c you fly on. It's a crap shoot- both on KE and OZ.
As for service, most people seem to agree that KE's service is top-notch. It's just their poor safety record that seems to be holding them back.
OZ doesn't garner much attention as its rival because of its almost non-existent pax network in Europe (except for new FRA service) and their modest route network in N. America (compared to KE). But their Asian network is quite comprehensive. I've heard very few comments on OZ's service- yet I've heard nothing negative.
As for the menu, it varies from route to route, class to class and time of flight. Flight attendants will usually come around with a menu (yes they're printed on glossy paper like a pamphlet) and take your order. Most popular dish seem to be bibimbop and bulgoki. I actually have the menu from a month ago stashed somewhere, but I can't seem to locate it right now.

RE: KE And OZ Inflight Entertainment (IFE)?

Sun Jun 10, 2001 3:34 pm

Some of Korean Air's 747-400, and their 777/330 fleet all have IFE.

Asiana only have IFE on their 777s.
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RE: KE And OZ Inflight Entertainment (IFE)?

Sun Jun 10, 2001 6:09 pm

KE is the best airline to go with!! You are guaranteed a great flight!!
I loved them and would fly them over SQ anyday!!

Asiana is also mean to be very good!!


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