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If You Had Wings

Sat Jun 05, 1999 2:47 pm

Does anybody remember the attraction that used to be at Walt Disney World called "If You Had Wings", which was sponsored by Eastern Airlines? I remember it was staffed by people wearing Eastern uniforms and as the ride was ending, there were pictures of Eastern L-1011 Whisperliners flying by as a chorus sang If You Had Wings, If You Had Wings.....
There is a website for this attraction at http://fly.ne.mediaone.net/ealwings/default.htm
for nostalgia buffs who are interested.

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RE: If You Had Wings

Sat Jun 05, 1999 11:11 pm

yes! i remember riding it the first time I was in Disney World. It also had L1011 models hanging up and I wanted one. I don't remember the uniforms although I was only 5 and that was the first and last time I saw or rode it. I do remember the song and I think you felt like you were flying above the clouds. It was Delta's DeamFlight the last time I heard.

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