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Northwest Airlines Fleet

Sat Jun 05, 1999 5:24 pm

Does Northwest Airlines have any plans to retire any of it's 747-100, 747-200, DC-9 and 727-200 aircraft? It seems like all U.S airlines are getting new aircraft and changing there fleet except Northwest Airlines. I know Northwest Airlines has some 747-400, 757-200, A319, A320 and A330-300 aircraft on order but there fleet is still old and NWA is planning to get more used DC-10 aircraft into it's fleet. Why doesn't Northwest Airlines just order the MD-11 or order more A330-300's?
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RE: Northwest Airlines Fleet

Sat Jun 05, 1999 11:14 pm

If Northwest is going to purchase MD11's it won't be before 2005. Nortwest is planning to purchase16 new Airbus A330's between 2004-2005. They are ordering 4 747-400's which they have enough of, and 37 757-200's. 20 Airbus A320-200's in 1999. Other planes such as the MD11's won't be ordreed before 2005.
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RE: Northwest Airlines Fleet

Sun Jun 06, 1999 1:43 am

No-one's going to buy MD11s for passenger use, for me the final seal of disapproval on an aircraft that was always a bit dodgy (fuel burn, software, low speed instability, China Eastern incident, FedEx crash) was the Swissair fire. Northwest are like a jet-age version of Save-A-Connie, aren't they? Preserving (kind of) all these old planes, DC9-30s and 747-100s. MEA of Lebanon probably attracted a few joyriders (myself included) because of their mint-condition passenger 707s (finally retired last year in favour of spiffy A320/321s, boo hoo). That leaves Northwest as the airline to go on if you want to ride on museum pieces (and be stranded for three days in Detroit, or open your barf-bag to use for trash and find it full of - yep this happened to me, BOS-LGW 747 Jan 93 - barf.)
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RE: Northwest Airlines Fleet

Sun Jun 06, 1999 3:09 am

Yup, NWA has North America's oldest fleet. It's also got the world's largest fleet of DC-9's. Come on, NWA. If there's going to be a DC-3 of the 21st century, you can bet it will be in passenger service with NWA.

RE: Northwest Airlines Fleet

Sun Jun 06, 1999 7:25 am

I wouldn't be suprised if Northwest flies the DC-9 into Winnipeg for another 20 years. Oh well, I don't fly them anyway.