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Least Favorite Hub Airports

Tue Jun 12, 2001 2:08 pm

What airport do you absolutely hate? It doesn't matter why, but which airport do you just despise connecting thru and will avoid by any means necessary. Mine is EWR because it is old-looking, and after a while sitting in 20-plane takeoff lines gets old. But I still have much love for Continental though!
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Tue Jun 12, 2001 9:38 pm

The old DTW hub is horrible, although the new terminal looks fantastic from the pictures I've seen, well at least how it will supposedly look. I'm not a big fan of Miami either.
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Tue Jun 12, 2001 9:40 pm

I would really rather not connect through SLC - I just don't like that airport at all... Very crowded.

I'm also not a huge fan of the facilities at DFW, but the sights to see are pretty cool  Smile
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Tue Jun 12, 2001 9:46 pm

Sheremetyevo 1 is waaaaaaaaaaayyyy to crowded.
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Tue Jun 12, 2001 9:54 pm

I have been there only once, but I hated FRA....
Possibly because of the reconstruction work they were doing, but the airport was a big mess last december/january
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Tue Jun 12, 2001 10:05 pm

I don't like CLE. The walls are just too empty which does not make the airport look great.

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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Tue Jun 12, 2001 10:54 pm

DTW, mainly because your time taxing time may take just as long as your flight.
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Tue Jun 12, 2001 11:24 pm

Definitely MUNICH! There war such a choas when I have to changed my flight there...
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 12:29 am

I would say DFW especially at the times of banks. Between 6 and 8 tons of AA and DL aircraft are coming in and departing, if you land on certain runways you could taxi for 40 minutes or so if you are taking off the wait is as long or longer sometime. i was on one of our chartered 1011's which departed at 7:07 we left the ground at 8:04!
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 12:40 am

Chicago's Midway is a prison. There were absolutely no good areas for viewing aircraft movements. My four-hour layover was horrific. I sat there in agony just having to listen to all the action outside. Every now and then I could get a quick glmpse of an airliner for about two seconds!

Can't wait for the finished Concourses!
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 2:31 am

MDW is a prison because the whole airport is getting everything new! Theres construction everywhere, but that shall end soon. I myself didnt enjoy LAX
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 2:42 am

I have not enjoyed my connections at CVG, because I had to take a bus between concourses, and I don't enjoy connecting at ORD between UA mainline and express, or international.

Contrary to popular opinion, my favorite airport to connect at is ATL. This may have something to do with my Crown Room membership, I can sit in comfort, connect my laptop, and watch planes all at the same time. Plus, everything is very easy to find and connect to, and it is very logically layed out.
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 3:51 am

DFW: Terminal layout
IAH: Same
DTW: Ditto
PHX: Again
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 4:37 am

EWR - Has all the charm of the New Jersey Turnpike in rush hour.

NRT- crowded, customs was appalling in its slowness, lack of extra runways means a tricky landing in cross-winds - the plus side is that you usually have to take a bus across the tarmac to get to your plane lots of ops for spotting.

DTW - although all that will change.

JFK - let's face it, those seperate terminals may have been a good idea in the 60s, but now they are really a problem. Although see the rest of this post.

AMS - I know with the duty free shops Schiphol is supposed to be great but all I can think is more crap to bring home. The (granted, few) times I was there the KLM ground staff seemed to have not a clue as to handle things - as if it was a total surprise that all these planes came in all of a sudden! Never happened before!

PHL - I think this has changed and I haven't been there in about 5 years, but when I was there it was awful.

Now here are some hubs that are delightful

MEM - OK from a spotters perspective only NW and Fedex, but you can see a really good mix of Fedex equipment, bright and airy makes it a spotters dream if you have a few hours to kill between flights plus the gift shops are overstocked with Elvisiana.

MIA - It ain't modern, the walk from one end to another is longer than some flights, but *Every* Latin American company is represented.

JFK - provided you don't have to transfer between airlines (and this *is* about hub airports) the self-contained terminals actually make it a bit less of a zoo than most other airports. Plus everyone hates it so much that it is now underused so you actually have a chance of taking off on-time.

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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 4:40 am

I would have to say Detroit Metro. I was only there once connecting to LAX, but the airport was crowded, old and there wasn't a choice of restaurants. The bus connection from the international terminal was also terrible. Can't wait to see the new terminal...
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 5:39 am

Yes, Midway is (was) a dump!!!
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 6:16 am

I avoid O'Hare at all costs to avoid delays. Nice airport, but hamstrung by psychotic NIMBY's. Until more runways are built, I will continue to avoid O'Hare.

Philadelphia's bad runway layout means watch out in bad weather. Last time I was there in *good* weather I sat in a 17-plane line for 9:30 pm. Also a bad terminal layout for connections (tho they do have some moving sidewalks now). At least they've renovated the terminal inside and painted it outside, it used to be a real dump.

Newark: Yikes. Runway layout from hell, another bad-weather nightmare. Another airport I don't plan to spend my life waiting at, enjoying the view of the docks and the Anheuser-Busch brewery. :+P

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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 6:31 am

i agree with YOERI1970 i never liked frankfurt for connections!
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 7:23 am

PHL has to be my least favorite hub airport. However it has been several years since I have gone through there. It absolutely sucked to have to go through security when changing planes that gated at different concourses with a tight connection. Don’t even get me started on the subterranean PHL US Airways Express boarding lounge complete with diesel fumes from the shuttle busses idling outside.

ATL is my favorite hub & favorite airport overall. Logically laid out & easy to make connections quickly as well.

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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 7:26 am

Midway is (was) a hell hole!! parking is the b**** and there is NO ROOM AND NO WINDOWS!!! In 1999 my mom and I got stuck there during a severe storm. We endured, more like survived, our 6 hour delay. There were dozens of flights cancelled and delayed. We had to sit on the floor b/c the hold room was so damn small.
There were people shoulder to shoulder, and the concession stands were all out of everything.
So, instead of getting into MSP at 7:50 PM, we prompty arrived after 1 AM in a desolate MSP airport.
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 8:02 am

Worst Connecting Airports:

DTW: Dirty, Old, Crowded (Will Change)

BOS: Weather Delayed Airport, Old, Small, Nasty.

ORD: Another weather delayed airport.

MEM: Memphis is a garage!!!!!


Best Connecting Airports:

ATL: Big, Spacious, Lots of Action, Awesome Layout

IAH: Same as ATL

STL: Big, Awesome Design, Lots of TWA aircraft.

-Trans World Airlines
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Wed Jun 13, 2001 8:34 am

My vote goes to Memphis. The low ceilings, relatively dark terminals, and 70's decor give the airport a claustrophobic feel. My main gripe though, is the lack of dining options. I can't believe such a big airport has so few restaurants.

On the other hand, I really enjoy ORD and PDX. O'Hare is my home airport and I like it because of the variety of airlines, shopping, and food! Even though there's not so much variety at PDX, it's restaurants and shops are nice, the terminal looks very modern, and there's an excellent spotting place on the other side of the runway.

RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Mon Jun 18, 2001 5:52 am

Isn't shopping at O'hare ultra-expensive, or have I not seen much? I've only been in United's terminals.

hubs disliked:
MDW- shantytown but nice airplane views from Palos
DFW- weird place, and have to taxi accross the Pacific almost
SFO- small, cramped IMO
MCO- overly complex terminal layout

hubs liked:
ORD- I've had luck there
MCO- hypocritical of me but I like the setup nonetheless
LAX- HUGELY diverse
SNA- small, compact, efficient, and gotta love the takeoff  Wink/being sarcastic
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Mon Jun 18, 2001 6:54 am

Bad Hubs:

DFW: Changing planes here is a huge pain. The tram in the AA terminal was so slow I almost missed my flight

ORD: I avoid this place like the plague. When you fly out of ORD, you don't ask yourself if your flight will be late, you ask yourself how late will it be.

LGA: Too crowded for comfort. A disaster waiting to happen.

PIT: Every time I've connected in PIT (3 times), my flight was cancelled.

Good Hubs:

CVG: Nice airport, well, the Delta terminal anyway. The rest is crap. Easy connection unless you are connection requires a switch between Delta and Comair.

CDG: A very nice airport. Been there several times, always loved it. There is a TGV (French Bullet Train) station right at the airport, which is really convenient. You can get off your flight, and go downstairs and get on a train to go anywhere in France. CDG also has a large variety of airlines.

LAX: The United terminal is really nice now that they finished all of the construction. It had a great variety of airlines too.

SNA: Fun takeoff. Quick and efficient layout.

IAH: How can I leave my hometown airport off the list?  Big grin

ONT: New and modern airport, but is underused. I liked the old airport better though. Boarding/debarking the plane via stairs was always a treat.


RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Mon Jun 18, 2001 7:31 am

DTW was one of my least favorites, but like their new motto says "The Best Is Yet To Come", is true. I saw that beautiful new terminal being built while taking off. DTW will soon be one of the very best. Even though DTW is not the best, the staff are making the best of it. Very helpful staff, new restrooms, etc.
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Mon Jun 18, 2001 8:02 am

My least favorite was DTW but that will change. SEA is also run down. SFO can also be a pain.

The best I've seen are PDX, ATL, DEN, ONT, and LAX (as long as your connecting with the same airline)
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Mon Jun 18, 2001 9:38 am

JFK by far. The worst airport I've ever been in. To be fair though, I haven't been there in 10 years. EWR, I don't know. I haven't been there in 20 years. ORD/ATL aren't real bad, just too crowded/rushed etc. I prefer the smaller hubs such as CVG and MCO for international. For domestic I like LAS/ABQ which both serve well for me.

Steve  Smile
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RE: Least Favorite Hub Airports

Mon Jun 18, 2001 9:52 am

Favorite Hubs:
YYZ-I don't know why, but I like this airport, and I consider it to be my home airport away from home.

DEN-Nice airport, however if you are O & D traffic, everything is at least 15 minutes away.

The hubs that Satan created himself, with his best friends helping him:

ORD: Yow! This place could kill you with all the delays.

BOS: I've seen GA maintainence hangars that look cleaner than this piece of crap.

Lagos, Nigeria I've heard is the worst.

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Tue Jun 19, 2001 8:03 am

Amen on BOS!!!!!!!!!


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