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Any New Info. On AR?

Fri Jun 15, 2001 12:10 pm

Does anybody know the present situation of Aerolinas Argentinas? News reports seem to be conflicting.

The BBC is reporting that today, Friday, AR suspended its service to Madrid, its only remaining international destination after Montevideo. BBC also says that AR employees have been blocking access to EZE causing the delay and cancelation of several flights.

Sad story....

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RE: Any New Info. On AR?

Fri Jun 15, 2001 12:24 pm

The company just filed for Chapter 11 protection. If the technicians union signs the new plan with SEPI they will put 300 million into the airline, get it stable, and sell it off. To see that happen we need the union to stop being so goddamn stubburn. I agree with worker's fighting for their rights but this has gone too far (it is the only one left to sign). Lets hope for the best.
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RE: Any New Info. On AR?

Fri Jun 15, 2001 12:34 pm

Well, some of the riots and bomb threats caused AA to cancel the departure of thier three 777-200s, two to Miami and one to New York City, at Buenos Aires last night. AA is also running a third daily MIA-EZE charter (Flt 9018) to help cope with the loss capacity. According to the Miami Herald, AR must start routes to MIA, JFK, etc. very soon, or face serious penalities. This situation is getting way out of hand!