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USAirways Timetables?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 10:00 am

Has anyone seen a recent USAirways timetable - the most recent one I saw in print was February. Same for AA? Have paper timetables gone the way of the rotary phone for these carriers?
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RE: USAirways Timetables?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 10:24 am

I have American's current schedule, which was effective in April. They should have another one out by next week.

US Airways was out when I went to SFO on May 25th, I will probably try again on July 12th.

They still print them for both carriers. I wish they were all like Delta's though -- Delta's is so easy to read.

Some of them these days, you need a magnifying glass, especially United and NWA.



RE: USAirways Timetables?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 11:24 am

AA did get rid of their paper timetables for a year.

Their new timetable are thinner(less than 150 pages) than the original one (300-400pages).

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RE: USAirways Timetables?

Fri Jun 22, 2001 4:10 am

When I was at YOW last week there were still copies of the February timetable for US Airways. Does anyone know when the new paper version of the Air Canada timetable will be available, or is it available right now? It should have been out by the beginnning of May.
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RE: USAirways Timetables?

Fri Jun 22, 2001 4:15 am

I checked at the NYC ticket offices for US and Air Canada recently (I collect timetables).

The agent at US said they were out, but to try back in July.

The Air Canada agent said they do not print paper timetables anymore, their last one was late 2000.