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Most Common Dash 8 Snags?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 3:37 pm

Anybody know what the gremlins are on the -8's?

Saw a thread on PPrune about a Norwegian Dash 8 that had its gear collapse on landing (hard landing), and supposedly this wasn't the first time this sort of accident has happened, as there is some sort of weakness in the gearlegs on the 8........

Sure would like to know what else craps out on these planes as I travel on them often.


RE: Most Common Dash 8 Snags?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 3:54 pm

I once heard someone mention that the aluminum hydrolics' pipes are prone to braking.
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RE: Most Common Dash 8 Snags?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 5:49 pm

I witnessed a collapse of Dash 8's landing gear actaully... The aircrat was not even landing it was merely taxiing and the gears just collapsed and the aircraft just sat on it fuselage.. No one was hurt, just a bit scared and shaken  Smile
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RE: Most Common Dash 8 Snags?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 8:58 pm

Gear collapse due to a hard landing is not an aircraft problem. Any aircraft will have gear problems or worse if dropped hard enough. Hard landings have more to do with the crew or weather.

In the design of Dash 8 landing gear, there is a 'fuse' pin incorporated into the hinge joint between the upper end of the oleo leg and the yoke which carries the oleo leg loads into the wing structure. This pin is designed so that loads imposed by a very heavy landing will result in the controlled folding of the landing gear leg, rather than structural damage to the wing and its integral fuel tank. The fuse pin will shear if the descent rate exceeds approximately 1000 fpm.

As far as the gear retracting while the aircraft is taxying, This may have been caused by a faulty landing gear selector valve. This problem was rectified a while ago in an AD that required modification of the valves.

Actually the Dash 8 is a very reliable aircraft, the only problems I can think of are the airconditioning system not maintaining efficiency as long as it should IMO. The heat exchanger gets dirty quickly and the location in the tail makes the system work harder than it should.
Hydraulic leaks due to aluminum lines developing cracks are sometimes trouble, but the lines that commonly crack are being replaced with stainless.

All in all nothing to worry about when you're on board.

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RE: Most Common Dash 8 Snags?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 9:53 pm

I've worked on dash 8s for ten years, and given their reliability and system backups, consider them a good a/c to fly on. The dash has more generators than you can shake a stick at, a hydraulic system failure causes litlle trouble, as most flight controls are mechanical, indeed, the captain and F/O can disconnect their elevators and aileron/spoilers, and operate them independently should a control surface jam. Dehavilland has made a good one here!
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RE: Most Common Dash 8 Snags?

Fri Jun 22, 2001 12:21 am

Thanx for clearing that up Tprop.. But i totally agree in the overall reliablity of the Dash 8. in the caribbean most of our regional airlines have fleets of Dash 8's and I am very impressed with them.. i consider them to be my favourite turboprops to fly on.. esp the "Q" series.. But i cannot be a good judge fo turbopros seing that i have only been on a few and some being very old..

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