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Gulf Air To Sign Lease For Six New Air Buses

Sat Jun 23, 2001 12:16 am

Gulf AIR, the national carrier of Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Qatar, will add six new AIR buses to its fleet by the start of next year to complement the strength of existing fleet, Captain Peter Weiss, Vice President Operations, said.

In an exclusive interview Capt. Weiss told the Tribune that the GULF AIR had been negotiating to sign fresh leases for six new a-320, A-340 AIR busses. "We are looking forward to signing six more lease agreements for new AIRcraft this year as leases of six AIRcraft is due to expire by the December end," he said.

"Gulf AIR is in process of consolidation and as a result of different initiatives the AIRline is expected to be a 'profit earning' organisation by the middle of next year. And to cut losses, we are looking at the operational costs to make all operations cost-effective. Secondly, we have taken steps to increase services to attract more customers and achieve more revenues and continuous evaluation of different routes is in place now to assess whether they are profitable or not," Weiss said.

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