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SU-30Mk Sneaks Out From Le Bourget

Sat Jun 23, 2001 7:12 pm

For several years, a Swiss company (Noga) has been trying to seize any Russian government's asset made available around the world to recover a debt of 67 million dollars it says it is owed for a broken barter deal dating from 1993.
Bailiffs acting on behalf of the swiss company tried yesterday to seize the SU-30Mk and the Mig-AT demonstrators as collateral at Le Bourget Air Show; 'round 03:00 PM, both jets took-off from the Parisian airport and were flown back to Russia...  Laugh out loud

The sad thing is that people looking for the demo flights this week-end will be very disappointed: the Mig-30MK demo flight is so exciting..!  Sad
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