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Scanner To Pick Up Atc?

Sun Jun 24, 2001 11:13 pm


I would like to know names and models of some portable scanners that can pick up ATC.

Websites where I could by one would also be helpful.  Smile
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RE: Scanner To Pick Up Atc?

Mon Jun 25, 2001 3:46 am

I have a PRO-43 Hyperscan UVHF 200 channels by REALISTIC AM/FM programmable hanheld radio scanner. It can pick you air traffic, trains, police, fire, 911 calls, and cell phone calls, hehe. (You know what I mean, heh heh) I bought my scanner in 9'3 and cost me nearly $300. This scaner is suppose to be the best that they had and it has proven that it can last for over 10 years. my scanner still works great, if you know how to take care of it. Many newer scanners are small box-like radios. Mine is similar to a regular walkie-talkie that the police/sercurity has. Anyways, it's pretty cool. Uses 6 AA batteries or just plug it on the wall with a AC/DC Power adapter.

I bought my scanner at RADIO SHACK. Many new scanners are now cheap just about over $100.