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TWA/AA Integration

Thu Jun 28, 2001 12:39 am

This is from today's Aviation Daily, caused much amusment at work.

AA Forced To Deal With Old TWA Practice

'American will have a difficult time integrating some of TWA's fleet when the time comes due to an old practice by a former TWA chief pilot, who insisted that all Boeing cockpit switches be turned opposite to what other airline operators received. AA divested Reno Air airplanes with different cockpit configurations.'

Can any TWA people out there provide more info? Aircraft types etc, I cannot believe the more recent TWA Boeing aircraft would be affected.
Loved to have met the chief pilot in question, bet he was a real star! One of our Avionic engineers, a no-nosense Irishman, muttered about the exercise of power for it's own sake when I showed him this.
I know this is a borderline Tech Ops question, and some of my older workmates told of similar problems when BA leased B707's from other operators back in the 1970's.