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What Are Atlanta Hartsfield Expansion Plans?

Thu Jun 10, 1999 1:38 pm

I love flying through Atlanta. Its layout is simple,yet with Delta operating some 600 or more departures,and ASA not far behind,you can do so much with 4 runways,and thats no matter how good the controllers are. I heard that they are trying to build a short runway for the regional aircraft,but more has to be done. Does anybody out there know what Atlanta Hartsfield expansion plans are?
By the way,nobody operates a Hub smoother than Delta at Atlanta,not AA in DFW nor United in ORD.

RE: What Are Atlanta Hartsfield Expansion Plans?

Fri Jun 11, 1999 7:16 am

I've been to Hartsfield last week and discovered they are planning to build a new long-ray runway, not a short one for commuters. However that is only planned yet, Also, there were talks abour a much needed expansion to the parking lots and probably a new ILS system for one of the runways.