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What's Going On With Europe-Antigua Routes?

Sat Jun 30, 2001 4:26 am

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know what is going on as many European airlines have dropped or reduced service to Antigua in the Caribbean, and as a matter of fact, to some other islands. A while ago BA went from 4 744's to 3 777's, VS dropped one of two weekly flights, JMC Air, Air 2000 and other charters have virtually eliminated service, down to just one 767 per week by Air 2000. Also, Condor dropped service, as did Air France a while back. All of these changes have occured in the last year. Additionally, Air Transat and Canada 3000 dropped service a few months ago from Toronto, and now I'm hearing that TWA will drop their weekly JFK flight in January.

Is Antigua going to have any flights, besides BW, left?

Also, I would like to know when Caribbean Star is planning on getting those RJs, and if anyone knows what routes they will fly with them.