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Aircrafts And Music And Movies....

Fri Jun 11, 1999 1:54 am

I want to know what aircrafts are shown on these following movies/videos
- "Forces of Nature"
- "Home Alone" (I know is from AA, but I dunno the model)
- "I want it that way" - Backstreet Boys (yuck) new video

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RE: Aircrafts And Music And Movies....

Fri Jun 11, 1999 2:17 am

Home Alone featured primarily a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (at least the shots of an aircraft flying were a DC-10). But in typical movie fashion, some of the takeoff/landing shots (I'm not certain since it's been a while since I've seen it) were different types.
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RE: Aircrafts And Music And Movies....

Fri Jun 11, 1999 2:21 am

In Home Alone there were two Boeing-767-300's
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Ben Affleck - Mond Air

Fri Jun 11, 1999 5:13 pm

In "Forces of Nature", the Mond Air plane that Ben Affleck was on was a 737-200. Mond Air isn't real. I really didn't have a problem with the scene where the birds get into the engine and everything goes crazy. That really happens every once in a shile in the real world, with the same results. Just a lot of skidding and braking. The **MAJOR** goof in that movie was the setting. They said that he was leaving from New York, but the terminal in the movie was CLEARLY the main building at Dulles in Virginia. It's fine to shoot a movie in one airport and call it another, since they all look about the same ---but this was different because the Dulles building is one of the most recognized airport buildings in the world, even to people who don't care about airports or flying! It was like shooting inside Wrigley Field and calling it the Astrodome.

RE: Aircrafts And Music And Movies....

Fri Jun 11, 1999 5:37 pm

Forces of nature-i think a 737-200 plane. Sandra bullock it the worst actress! whikle ben alfeck is quite good!

Home alone 1-Amercian airlines DC-10-10, in Home alone 2, it's 767-200 on take off and landing scenes.

I want it that way-by the way, BSB sux! anyway, it is a VIP 727-100.

hope this helps!