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To All Comair Passengers From ROC

Mon Jul 02, 2001 12:37 pm

Comair will commence service to Rochester on July 17 for the first time since the strike ended.

Source: http://www.comair.com
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RE: To All Comair Passengers From ROC

Mon Jul 02, 2001 1:39 pm

That's good news for Rochester....Syracuse is in the first round of cities to resume service. Rochester and Buffalo are both in the third round, I think. I'm kind of surprised that Comair is starting with one daily flight to a lot of places as its ramp-up plan. That schedule is not really good for business people; it seems to me that it would have made more financial sense to add three-flight blocks at fewer communities. Maybe Comair is trying for political points by getting as many communities online as quickly as possible. In any event, good for Rochester.

I'll be curious to see if Comair ramps up to the same businessman-friendly three-daily-flight schedule by summer's end. DL mainline reduced service at both Rochester and Syracuse by one flight in the June 1 schedule. Buffalo and Albany don't appear to be affected.

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