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United's New LAX Terminal

Fri Jun 11, 1999 3:04 am

I was looking at some photos of United's LAX terminal,and was wondering what is new about their terminal. Did they do a remodel? If they added gates,then where? According to the photos on this site their area was pretty cramped already.

RE: United's New LAX Terminal

Fri Jun 11, 1999 3:49 am

yes they remodeled terminal 7 internally, externally as far as appearance and gate space that remains the same. They are also tearing down the jetways on one side of terminal 6. Terminal 8 United Shuttle, has had some work done too, but i don't know what as i haven't been inside

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RE: United's New LAX Terminal

Fri Jun 11, 1999 4:28 am

Yes...UA remodeled the existing gates at terminals 6, 7, and 8. I am not sure...I think that they added a few more United Shuttle gates in terminal 8. In addition, UA aquired more of CO's terminal 6 gates in exchange for some of UA's EWR gates. UA also widened the taxiway between terminals 7 and 8 so two planes can taxi in/out simultaneously.