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TG's New Aircrafts..

Tue Jul 03, 2001 2:06 pm

Thai airways has planned out for new five aircrafts in the recent future -one for regional route and rests for international route. Do you have an idea what type of those will be authorised by the cabinet?? Can you guess?
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RE: TG's New Aircrafts..

Tue Jul 03, 2001 4:42 pm

As far as I can remember, Thai was supposively purchasing more 777 aircraft to replace the MD-11 which is soon to leave. I may be wrong though.
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RE: TG's New Aircrafts..

Tue Jul 03, 2001 8:10 pm

They've just got two brand new 747-400 aircrafts (HS-TGA and HS-TGB); one was delivered in May and another on was supposed to be delivered in June.

I heard a rumor that they'll keep MD-11's for now for unknown reason. Maybe it's because they have to take thier 777s out of service to reconfigure the seats.
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RE: TG's New Aircrafts..

Wed Jul 04, 2001 1:56 am

re. their MD11, I have heard that they want to use them as freighters in the future to got an bigger part of that growing business.
Does anyone know when they will be convert ???


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