Belgium And Sabena Sues Swissair

Wed Jul 04, 2001 6:01 am

That's the headlines that I saw on 7/3's

Any more details would be great  Smile
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RE: Belgium And Sabena Sues Swissair

Wed Jul 04, 2001 7:29 am

I heard this afternoon on local radio stations that Swissair had agreed to give a certain amount of money, I think 10 billion Bef or so, to the Belgian airline but this is not enough for Sabena to recover from debt and eventually go back to profitability. But The Belgian State disagrees. They think that Swissair should invest a lot more, at least twice as much, to help Sabena. Swissair agreed last year to be a shareholder at 85% for Sabena, and now they decide not to help Sabena anymore? Who the hell decided that Sabena was going to place a firm order of 34 Airbus to replace all the 737's (not only the 200's but the 300/400/500's also!)? Why is Sabena cutting long haul routes? How come Sabena lost so much money in the last two years? Swissair caused Sabena a lot of problems. So now the Belgian State is going to sue Swissair for not helping the Belgian airline.
Sabena's future is uncertain, unfortunately. Sabena is talking about selling some assets so that the airline can at least survive until the end of the year, hopefully longer than that.
Sabena will get smaller, BUT BETTER.

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