UA (New York - Hong Kong)

Thu Jul 05, 2001 9:17 am

Is is correct that the longest flight that currently exists is New York -Hong Kong? I believe that UA are the only airline to operate this flight.

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RE: UA (New York - Hong Kong)

Thu Jul 05, 2001 9:22 am

Search archives - there are about 863 posts on "longests". There are 3 ways to measure "longest" so it's a debateable subject. (Miles, Time and longest both ways non-stop, year round). UA are now dropping the route in August anyway due to miserable loads/yield. CO will continue their EWR-HKG and CX is reportedly coming on line with JFK-HKG.
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RE: UA (New York - Hong Kong)

Thu Jul 05, 2001 9:23 am

Continental goes from Newark to Hong Kong using a B777
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RE: UA (New York - Hong Kong)

Thu Jul 05, 2001 9:26 am

CO does operate the flight as well. However UA is credited with this distinction because their flight is a couple miles longer from JFK than CO's flight is from EWR. UA is discontinuing this flight at the end of the summer. At that time Cathay Pacific will pick up where UA left off and start the route to JFK. Run a search on this topic and read the MANY posts and threads already written that cover this topic......
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RE: UA (New York - Hong Kong)

Thu Jul 05, 2001 9:56 am

UA is dropping this route in August. Did not last long. Typical UA publicity stunt. CO now has this route.

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