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HKG Weather Delays

Sat Jul 07, 2001 7:09 am


I just arrived in GVA from HKG & ZRH: We were reserved on SR leaving HKG on Thursday night at 23:25. The flight was delayed due to the typhoon until 14:00 today (Friday) arriving in ZRH shortly after 20:00 this (Friday) evening. We were obviously given a night in a hotel (Regal Riverside) etc.....

My main question is why on earth did they delay the flight????? AF were definitely operating (departing 30 minutes early) and maybe BA (some people said they operated their flight while others said they did not) The eye of the typhooon (sp?) was 300km from HKG on Thursday night while only 150km from HKG this (Friday) afternoon. The closer the storm, the bigger the danger. Anyone?

Thanks for any replies. I might try to post a real trip report of the CX to/from DPS and SR to/from GVA/ZRH to in the next few days/weeks.

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