Sabre Expierence Required?

Sat Jun 12, 1999 1:01 am

Eastwind Airlines require someone seeking a job as a reservations agent to have "SABRE(or what ever res.sys)expierence". what do they mean by this? I know how to use the Travelocity site,AA, and other "SABRE" travel sites very well, is this what they mean? knowing city codes and stuff like that? Where are you expected to get this expierence?


RE: Sabre Expierence Required?

Sat Jun 12, 1999 2:43 am

Sabre is a system used by airlines and travel agents that is completely different of what you will find on the internet. There is no point and click...all commands are typed in. For the newcomer, it can be quite complicated and might require a few weeks of training before becoming somewhat familiar with the system. Usually airlines train their employees when hired, but as you mentioned Eastwind might want to save the cost of training and hire someone with that knowledge. You might be able to find a school that offers limited Sabre training, combined with some sort of Associate Degree/Diploma in Travel.
Good luck, ACSFO