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The Cause Of The Tu-154 Crash.

Sun Jul 08, 2001 10:39 am

I've seen lots of information regarding the actual crash of the recent Tupolev Tu-154 crash near Irkutsk but not yet once have I heard any reasons for why it crashed. Obviously It made prior attempts to land and it was an old airframe but those can't really be valid reasons as to why it crashed. Any help on the topic would be helpful thanks.

Please refrain from bagging out Russian airliners for those who are gonna start that nonsense.
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RE: The Cause Of The Tu-154 Crash.

Sun Jul 08, 2001 10:55 am

The airframe was not that old, build in 1986, it under went major maintanence two months ago. The final report will be out on Monday. According to RA-85845 crushed because of "Human Factor". When Tu-154 hit the ground it was sound and fully operational aircraft. All its three engines were working. Pilots did make an attempt to recover the aircraft form stall attitude but they were too low and the engines were not able to reach their maximum output before the Tu-154 crushed.

Two more things that I want to know about this accident.

1. Why was this aircraft on its 3 landing attempt?
2. Why did it stall?

It is very interesting, this aircraft was flown in China for 15 years under the regestration B-2609 and its sistership B-2610 crashed when its autopilot yaw-channel was accidentally connected to the bank control and the bank-channel to the yaw controls.