737 Quick Performance Questions

Wed Jul 11, 2001 10:58 am

What is the normal rate of climb and rate of descent (Vertical Speed) for the 737? Also what angle do you climb at (after takeoff, after 10000 etc.) ? this info would help alot.



RE: 737 Quick Performance Questions

Wed Jul 11, 2001 1:47 pm

This is too general a question to answer specifically, there are many variables involved like temp., aircraft weight, altitude, and style of 737.

But, I'll give you some (VERY) generalities. On takeoff, an average pitch angle in a -300 or -400 is around 20 degrees. On a -200, closer to 15 degrees. This pitch angle will change slightly as the idea is to fly an airspeed (usually v2+15) with a fixed power setting. In other words, pitch will control the airspeed, therefore deck angle will slightly change. As for initial climb rates, I've flown emptly planes and pegged the VSI at 6000 feet, while on hot and heavy days, 2-3000 feet per minute might be all you can get initially.

As you continue to climb to cruise altitude, again depending on the plane, climb rates may slow to as little as 500-1000 feet per minute, or remain higher than that, just depends. As per the angle, again it's a fixed power setting, and the deck angle will change to maintain the desired airspeed. I'd say an average climb angle when reaching the higher altitudes might be 4-7 degrees. 2 1/2 degrees is a real good place to start for maintaining level flight in cruise.

On descent, if it's a short descent, 1000 feet per minute is normal. If you've begun a longer descent, you bring the throttles to idle, at fairly common ball park speeds of between 290-320 knots (it can go faster or slower if need be), and your descent rate might be around 3 or 4000 feet per minute. Again, airspeed, speed brakes, flaps, ATC, all can play a role in this.

Does this answer your question?