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Anyone Have The Southwest 1455 CVR Transcript?

Thu Jul 12, 2001 7:29 am

Does anyone have the Southwest 1455 flight CVR transcript, or link to it online? This is the plane that overran the runway in BUR when landing last MArch.

Apparently, it has been released, because I read articles in CNN and LA Times about it, but there's nothing on the NTSB's home page, or airdisaster.com, which usually is very good about posting such things.
Tom in NO
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RE: Anyone Have The Southwest 1455 CVR Transcript?

Thu Jul 12, 2001 9:43 am

USA Today has a brief bit of the transcript in today's paper. Looks like the pilot knew as he was rolling out that he had screwed up, to the point where he notes "well, there goes my career".....as well it should have.

Tom in NO (at MSY)
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What Cabin Announcement Made

Thu Jul 12, 2001 1:20 pm

Does anyone know what the appropriate cabin announcement should be when one has overshot the runway?
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RE: What Cabin Announcement Made

Thu Jul 12, 2001 4:28 pm

i would say:

"please exit the aircraft as quickly as you can, any of you who are near the aircraft when the authorities arrive will be arrested. As for your luggage, federal law prevents the tampering of the aircraft after an accident has occured, so we hope that you brought a spare set of clothes."


the FAR's were never meant to be tested...
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