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JM To Acquire A340's

Thu Jul 12, 2001 9:24 am

It was revealed today that Air Jamaica has acquired 2 A340 aircraft for the Jamaica-England route.Although this is good news for the airline, concern has been raised as to whether the airline will be able to sustain this as a possible fall out of Jamaica's tourism sector is a possibility due to the recent unrests in West Kingston.
The concern was aired by persons associated with the airline as it is widely reported around the world that all of Jamaica was in chaos when only a small portion of the capital city was having disturbances. JM it is hoped will be able to introduce these new aircraft for the summer run as they intend to increase flights to 11 per week into London.
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RE: JM To Acquire A340's

Thu Jul 12, 2001 10:04 am

Great news, guess a flight to Hong Kong is not on the books !!
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RE: JM To Acquire A340's

Thu Jul 12, 2001 10:44 am

Are they planing to add more European destinations? About the chaos in Kingstong , I was seeing that at the news today and it looks really dangerous.
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RE: JM To Acquire A340's

Fri Jul 13, 2001 8:53 am

Hi there,

Air Jamaica has been rumored to be planning new service to a) Manchester, England, b) Oslo, Norway, c) Frankfurt, Germany, d) Dublin, Ireland and, oddly enough, TOKYO, JAPAN (via Vancouver).

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RE: JM To Acquire A340's

Fri Jul 13, 2001 9:20 am

Why Dublin ?


RE: JM To Acquire A340's

Fri Jul 13, 2001 1:52 pm

I work at JFK and JM has been doing tremendous traffic this summer in Terminals 2 and 3. I think JM is a strong airline.

However, how will fligths to London disturb the airline's partnership with VS?

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RE: JM To Acquire A340's

Fri Jul 13, 2001 11:30 pm

Is Manchester there top priority to start. It will be great to see another airline operating A340s into MAN, besides Air Mauritius.
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