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Emergency Landing At BWI

Fri Jul 13, 2001 10:30 pm

Hi All,

Yesterday while spotting at BWI I heard on my scanner that MetroJet is coming down for an emergency landing. First I thought that they have some sick person onboard but then I heard Tower sending "equipment" to the runway. Some other spotter heard on his radio that they have hydraulic problem with nose gear.
Everybody was waiting for that B737-200 to come in.
Finally we saw MetroJet coming in very low. Fire trucks were standing on the edge of runway 33L.
They touched down without any incidents, but they wouldnt let people out from the airplane for another 45 minutes.
They closed runway 33L because MetroJet was sitting there for long time. I dont know exactly what had happened but I would like to know more details.
Anyone saw this story somewehre on the internet???

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