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SST Flagship For Virtual Airline

Mon Jun 14, 1999 2:14 am

I actually have a very interesting idea. It has to go along the lines of the Virtual Airline ideas that have been repeatedly surfacing on the board.

I was thinking of using an SST (supersonic transport) as a flagship for the virtual airline.

My idea was in using the Boeing 2707-100 (the swing-wing one without the canard).

Either way, here's the data on the design (in case this idea catches on)

Length: 306 feet long
Wing Span (fully extended): 174 feet
Wing Span (fully swept in): 106 feet

Engines: (4) GE4-Afterburning Turbojets.
Thrust (Afterburning): 67,500 lbst
Thrust (Dry thrust): 63,500 lbst
Thrust (Cruise power): ~ 54,000 lbst

Cruise: Mach 2.7
Max Safe Speed: Mach 3.0
Landing Speed: ~155 miles an hour (wings extended)
T-O Speed: ~180 miles an hour.

Wing Sweep Schedule: (estimated)
-Mach 0.0 - 0.85: Wings are fully extended
-Mach 0.86 - 1.2: Wings are at the 3/4th sweep
-Mach 1.21 - 2.7: Wings are fully swept
(might want to check this one, I'm not really certain)

Notes: Wings come equipped with flaps when swept out.

Passengers: ~277 in a 2-class config.

Weights: Fully Loaded: 680,000 lbs
Fuel: 340,000 lbs.
Passengers & Baggage: 135,000 lbs
Empty: 205,000 lbs.

Range: ~4,200 nm
Cruise Altitude: 64,000 feet.



RE: SST Flagship For Virtual Airline

Mon Jun 14, 1999 7:24 am

IMHO, making up a virtual airline is sort of dumb. My friend joined one (Noble Air) and thought it was awesome. Two days later, he was sick of it. What I do in FS98 is I have various planes from Star Alliance carriers (United, Thai, Ansett, Air NZ, Lufthansa) and Aloha, which has a large codesharing and routesharing alliace with United. Then I fly routes that United and those carriers fly with those aircraft. Right now I am doing a "round the pacific flight" (Chicago-Honolulu-Narita-Bangkok-Sydney-Auckland-Honolulu-Chicago). I like that a lot better.
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RE: SST Flagship For Virtual Airline

Tue Jun 15, 1999 9:59 am


I wnat to help...nothing finalizes.

I keep insisting o the alliance idea like that we can have multiple airlines and Airbus/Boeing. By the way: can you email me the 2707: