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Lcag MD-11F, A330/A340 And 777

Sun Jul 15, 2001 12:06 am

Does anybody know if Lufthansa Cargo would have ordered the MD-11F if Airbus would have a A330F/A340F or if Boeing had a 777F? Since the MD-11 doesn't really fit into the fleet of LH neither does any larger Star airline use them (RG is getting rid of theirs in the next few years). I bet that they would have ordered a A340 freighter if they could have.
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RE: Lcag MD-11F, A330/A340 And 777

Sun Jul 15, 2001 12:07 pm

As discussed quite a while back in this forum, the 777, A330 and A340 are not efficient as freighters. Instead, they are much more fuel efficient (and perhaps cost efficient) in carrying passengers. Therefore, I doubt if even ANY carrier would choose to order the freighter versions of these aircraft.

The MD-11 is not that case. Although it does not fit into LH's fleet, it offers an option to routes that do not suffice a 747 but the A300 or A310 would not be large enough. In fact, a few of LH's MD-11Fs are flying for SAS Cargo.