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FedEx Moving BOS>MHT?

Sun Jul 15, 2001 12:48 pm

We're hearing talk that FedEx will be moving their operations (at least a significant part of it) from Boston-Logan up here to Manchester, NH. MHT already ranks third in tonnage for New England airports, behind only BOS and BDL. Our main runway 17-35 will be lengthened from 7000 feet to 9000 feet, and I'm wondering if this shift by FedEx will coincide with that. FedEx already has a daily A310 in here while UPS has a 767-300 and a 757.

Can anyone shed light on this story, and if true, what's prompting the shift...parking @ BOS for the jets? It seems to me that FedEx has quite a building there...I've seen 3 or 4 DC-10s/MD-11s there at one time, plus smalled A310s and 727s.

On my Yahoo! Club devoted to Manchester Airport (new members welcome!) one of our members who is a fueler at MHT clicked a picture of a FE DC-10 up here one day that flew the 50 miles from BOS. In addition to the A310, FE has a 727-100 that basically flies empty from BOS-MHT and sits up here beside its bigger sibling for most of the day.
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RE: FedEx Moving BOS>MHT?

Sun Jul 15, 2001 2:05 pm


I fuel at BOS and we do FedEx. They do have tons of real estate up there I have no idea why they would move to MHT other than that BOS is so damn busy and maybe they want to actually depart on time.

Next time I go fuel them and have to bring them the ticket I will ask and see if anyone there knows anything.
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RE: FedEx Moving BOS>MHT?

Thu Jul 19, 2001 3:10 am

Chris, I was over at FedEx at BOS last night.

I guess they are not getting rid of operations at BOS but they are putting in operations at MHT.

They told me a lot of the guys at BOS are from up around there, and they are gonna make the move to MHT but then they will bring in other guys to do the work at BOS.

I asked if the same number of planes would be coming in an out of BOS and the FedEx guy said yes, so I guess as opposed to moving, they are just adding another at MHT.

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