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10 Years Without

Mon Jul 16, 2001 5:25 pm

Back on 1991, the world´s greatest airline went away.
For decades PANAM was an example for other airlines,
they flew all over the world. Their route network was so comprehensive that no carrier today could match it.

They flew virtually to every corner of the world.
They broke record after record.

But not everything was so nice, several terrorist attacks, including the famous Lockerbie bombing, this incluiding to its bad management took PA to its ruin.

The incredible pacific division was sold to UA for 750 million dollars, about 57.6 million dollar per city. (NRT,OSA,SEL,PEK,SHA,HKG,TPE,BKK,MNL,SIN,MEL,SYD,Auckland). The Latin American division was also sold to UA as well as the LHR rights.

The awesome European network was sold to DL, from all routes, DL only operates 21 today(MAD,BCN,CDG,NCE,LGW,MAN,SNN,DUB,FRA,MUC,STR,

PA was the first one to fly nonstop to SYD in 747SP, to NRT from JFK, was the launch customer of the 747, was the first one to offer worldwide service, and around the world service.

Such a great airline.
Which carrier today, do you think is PA heir ?

UA has tried to fill PA gap, nice effort but hasn´t make it at all, although their work is terrific, from a National Carrier to a Worldwide one.
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RE: 10 Years Without

Mon Jul 16, 2001 5:33 pm

Hi Tomas,

could you recommend an article or site where to read about the fall of the airline? Is there any agreement on when and why decline began and what it could have been done to avoid failure?

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RE: 10 Years Without

Mon Jul 16, 2001 5:48 pm

There are no great PA website, so its difficult to reccomend one.

Such a pity, no one has the time to honor this airline
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RE: 10 Years Without

Mon Jul 16, 2001 11:11 pm

Tomas: seek's ONLY an airline!

ll75: Read 'Skygods' I thinks it's fairly unbiased (although told from the pilots perspective)
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RE: 10 Years Without

Mon Jul 16, 2001 11:31 pm

It is sad not to see Pan Am any more...and it makes me sad that TWA will follow...
World Aviation has lost 2 of the greatest pioneers...
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RE: 10 Years Without

Tue Jul 17, 2001 6:20 pm

What is there to miss? A miss-manahed airline? An airline with a history of poor cockpoi resource management? A once-great name that had long since fallen into disrepair?

Pan American World Airways struggled for the last 20 years of its life. For some time before that things weren't all peachy either. It may have once been the world's greatest, but that was over before Trippe left the office. It is a shame that PanAm was allowed to fall into the state of disrepair it did.

As Greg says, read Skygods - The Fall of Pan Am by Robert Gandt (ISBN 0-688-04615-0). I read it last week, it was really interesting.
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